“You shall open wide your hands to your brother, to your needy, and to your poor in your land.”
Deuteronomy 15:11


Hands United has worked with marginalized populations and victims of human trafficking since 2000. Our goal has always been to provide support and life-enriching resources in order for individuals to reach a self-sustaining state. Our work enabled us to identify the pattern of these populations becoming at risk for human trafficking victimization, if they hadn’t already fallen victim to traffickers.
We decided to do something about it. Emphasizing our core value, collaboration, allowed us to create a new concept. Partnering with organizations with experience in this area allows us to develop more effective methods while maintaining a strong plan designed to ultimately eradicate trafficking for forced labor, involuntary servitude, and trafficking for sexual exploitation altogether.
Hands United is scheduled to open our housing facilities in 2019. We will initially offer housing for up to eight individuals at one time. Two separate locations, one for boys and one for girls, will serve as housing during the two-year program.

  • 1998

    Council for Social Improvement founder, Roman G. Rusev, initiates the idea of orphan and widow support programs. The planning process begins in the year 2000. Acquisition of needed information about the adoption process is provided by several nonprofit organizations including the main church of Izmail, Ukraine.

  • 2003

    The Council for Social Improvement presents the peer-to-peer support program with our case management service. Recipients are chosen within various towns in Ukraine. Sponsors and recipients complete orientation, and the funding schedule along with critical milestones are implemented. The case management service follows along on each milestone to ensure a successful self-sufficient quality of life for each participant.

  • 2014

    Co-founder, Tatyana Ferguson, joins the team. The name Council for Social Improvement is changed to Hands United to reflect the organization’s new direction: to reach out to local needs and focus not only on orphans, but minor troubled children that are a product of parental abuse, who end up on the street and often begin to develop troublesome behaviors and drug abuse. As the work continues, the organization realizes this population is significantly at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. We focus all our efforts on the fight against this issue.

  • Today

    Hands United stands as a new solution to a critical problem within our communities. Understanding the gravity of the issue right here in GA, we focus our efforts on working with minor victims of human trafficking, both male and female.