At Hands United, our vision is a world where those enslaved by human trafficking can become overcomers flourishing within the wider community.

The Hands United program relies on a holistic approach to individual restoration. We work with human trafficking victims to heal physical, psychological, and sociological damage. Starting with a focus on individual self-development, we continue to build on this reinforced foundation.
We believe that a family unit is crucial to a healthy, transformative journey. Of course, there are many versions of a family unit; traditional(reuniting), foster, and/or nontraditional family units within the Hands United organization.
As our residents move into their second year in the program, we initiate the introduction/reunion of the family unit into the curriculum. This allows both the family and the resident to build healthy communication skills, and establish a trusting relationship.
We continue the relationship with our residents through mentorship, monthly group counseling sessions, and alumni events.



Ready to volunteer? Human trafficking victims require your compassion, and help! We invite you to work with Hands United.
We ensure that all partners against human trafficking have essential knowledge needed to work with human trafficking victims, as well as the best practices applicable within each project or campaign.
Within the Hands United trafficking victim assistance program, we collaborate with different organizations, and provide specific training depending on the project. This allows us to learn from experienced experts, and apply that knowledge accordingly.

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Employee Training


Ambassador Training